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Arnaud Gandibleux





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Dutch, French, English


Judo, Gaming, Traveling

I'm a 22 years old webdeveloper who just got his degree in Multimedia and Communication Technology at Erasmus University College Brussels. Since a young age, I already like technology/computers and how it works. Next to technology, gaming and sport (mostly judo) are my favorite pastimes. Since I'm not yet satisfied with my knowledge about IT and webdevelopment, I started a new degree called Applied Computer Science.

I will be focussing mainly on networking in these courses.
Further as I'm new in this branche/sector, I'm really looking forward for some challenges. So If you have some cool projects to work on and you want to work with me, don't hesitate to contact me.


Google G suite

Cisco CNNA

Project Management


JS/ JQuery




/ Ba Applied Computer Science

I just started this short traject of one and a half year Applied Computer Science. I can complete it in a shorter time because I've done an other degree with some similar courses. With this I will enlarge my technical knowledge. As specialization I chose Network and Security ( Cisco CCNA )

/ Ba Multimedia and Communication Technology

I successfully finished this degree after three year. It gave my a good technical and graphical base. I learned the basics about (responsive) web development, but as well some more technical skills. I was still motivated to learn more about it, so I started another degree (Applied Computer Science)


/ Cisco CCNA Letter of Merit

I successfully received a Letter of Merit for:

  • CCNA Routing and Switching
  • CCNA Scaling Networks
  • CCNA Connecting Networks

/ Google Certified Associate - G Suite Administrator

November 2016 - May 2018

Google Certificate Badge


/ Internschip Esign Ghent

During my last year of Ba Multimedia and Communication Technology, I had to do a three month internship. I did mine @ Esign in Ghent, Belgium. Mainly I was responsible for front-end development. I received a design and had to make proper code out of it. During this internship I learned a lot, from development and libraries to the real business / workflow.


Data Management Class

An assignment about PHP and Databases.
Used technologies: PHP, Mysql and Jquery

Final Work 'Konivigo'

A proof of concept of an online webtool to find the right partner for the right job.

Web KEA Denmark

A webdevelopment assignment from Erasmus in Copenhagen. Here I'm presenting myself.

WIP - Little spare time project

A simple but complete timetool for teams. Mainly focussed on design with Materialize.

Cash Register

This was an integration project in the second year of Applied Computer Science. Our team had to make the cash register. In this project I was mainly responsible for the front-end. The designs were made by another team. Used technologies: Semantic , VueJS, ...

More projects are coming...

New projects are coming soon. If you have a cool project and you think I can assist you with some tasks, don't hesitate to contact me.