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Insufficient licensable resources available to create Service Engine – NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Problem While playing around with NSX-T Advanced Load Balancer, I noticed the following alarm: Insufficient licensable resources available to create Service Engine. But how is it getting triggered and most importantly how to solve it? The description is very straightforward: you don’t have enough licenses to spin up more Service Engines. You can check your…

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Software-Defined Networking Secures Your VCF – LightBoard Session by ITQ

How can a Software-Defined Network secure your VCF? You’ll hear everything about it in this “lightboard” video led by Thomas Bernard, Presales Consultant @ ITQ and Arnaud Gandibleux, SDN Consultant @ ITQ. Want to know more about this subject? Check out this page:… Thank you for watching. If you liked this video, don’t forget…

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NSX-T: Automated creation of edge failure domains

Since NSX-T 2.5, the concept of edge failure domains is introduced. Failure domains is a logical grouping concept within an edge cluster. These failure domains makes it possible to logical separate active/standby Tier-0/1 SR instances across edge nodes in different locations. (Racks, room, sites,…). The benefit of this is to guarantee service availability of a…

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