Author: arnaud

NSX-T: Automated creation of edge failure domains

Since NSX-T 2.5, the concept of edge failure domains is introduced. Failure domains is a logical grouping concept within an edge cluster. These failure domains makes it possible to logical separate active/standby Tier-0/1 SR instances across edge nodes in different locations. (Racks, room, sites,…). The benefit of this is to guarantee service availability of a…

By arnaud 9 March 2021 0

VCF Edge Cluster Deployment Removal Tool

Since VCF 4.0, an automated deployment of a new NSX edge cluster is possible. No manual actions are required during the deployment of the edge nodes. You only need to provide the necessary parameters (FQDN, MGMT IP, TEP IP, BGP Peer,…) How to deploy an NSX edge cluster within VCF 4.0 is well documented in the…

By arnaud 20 November 2020 0